What is This?

“Kickstarter before Kickstarter, with a dash of exquisite corpse thrown in.”

Robots + Monsters is a charitable art project that matches goodwill and charitable giving with custom-made commissioned cartoon and pop art. You may have heard of us. People like to talk about us because it restores their faith in humanity, and we have to agree.

Started in 2007 in desperation because founder Joe Alterio and his wife were $1000 short on a charity marathon, Robots + Monsters has gone on to raise money for great causes like the SF AIDS Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Water.org, and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Over 5 years, we’ve created about 650 creatures and raised over 50K for causes that needed our help. Not bad for bunch of filthy artists.

When donating, donors were asked to give three words or phrases that they would like to define their creature. From there, the artists assigned the R+M could do anything they like with it. We were Kickstarter before Kickstarter, with a dash of exquisite corpse thrown in. We got asked to SXSW and a whole bunch of other places to talk about it, and we did. It was a blast.

R+M is on a kind of permanent hiatus right now. That’s not to say we won’t reopen again someday, but for now, we wanted to have a place for all of this amazing art and effort to all of our great contributors to live. Dive in and explore the work, visit our contributor’s sites, and drop us a line if you ever feel like saying hello.

- Joe, and the rest of the R+M gang